eNavigation Conference 2012, November 6 & 7, Seattle

eNavigation Conference 2012:

Defining the Solutions

November 6 & 7  |  Red Lion on 5th Avenue, Seattle, USA

During the past 12 months, a great deal of progress has been made toward the global implementation of e-navigation.

Most significant may be the completion of an exhaustive gap analysis by International Maritime Organization (IMO) work groups, identifying the regulatory, technical and procedural obstacles to on-board and shore-side integration of global e-navigation.

With “Defining Solutions” as its theme, eNavigation 2012 will examine how the gap analysis resulted in a clear understanding of e-navigation’s scope and how it provides us a framework for finding solutions that will address the gaps identified.

eNavigation 2012 will take as its starting point a review of the gap analysis; including background about the scope of e-navigation, an analysis of on-going planning and a discussion of infrastructure developments needed to support fully implemented e-navigation.

In recognition of the need for the broadest possible input from the stakeholder community, eNavigation 2012 will incorporate strong interactive components such that panelists – and attendees – can work collaboratively to help identify the most effective ways to overcome obstacles to the successful implementation of user-driven e-navigation.

eNavigation 2012 goals:

1.  To help e-navigation users understand how e-navigation will develop and how it will affect their segment of the maritime community
2.  To provide the opportunity for the maritime industry to shape solutions that will satisfy users’ needs.

3. To provide a platform for the initial outreach of the U.S. E-Navigation Integrated Action Team

Given the goal that e-navigation fill user needs, it is critical that discussion of solutions has widespread participation from the operations sector of the maritime community:

  • Ocean Carriers
  • Pilot Groups
  • Tug and Barge Operations
  • The Marine Insurance Community
  • Classification Societies
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Policymaking bodies
  • Hardware and Software Developers


Please join in the discussion in Seattle this fall.

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