PPIC Annual Survey: California and the Environment

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  • by BPC Staff
  • on August 2, 2012

PPIC is out with their annual survey on California and the environment. Here are the CA climate KEY FINDINGS. Lots of more interesting stuff in the report below:



Nearly eight in 10 Californians believe the

world’s temperature has been going up over

the past 100 years. Forty-five percent

consider global warming a very serious

threat to California’s future. (page 14)


n Seven in 10 favor the state law to roll back

greenhouse gas emissions, but a partisan

divide has grown since 2006, when the law

was passed. Most think state efforts to

reduce global warming will result in more

jobs or won’t affect job numbers. (page 15)


n Strong majorities support government

policies to reduce emissions, including

requiring automakers to reduce emissions

from new cars and requiring fuel providers

to reduce the carbon intensity of

transportation fuels. (pages 16, 17)


n Fifty-seven percent of Californians have not

heard about the cap-and-trade system set

to begin in California. Just over half support

the system, but 65 percent have very little

or no confidence in the state to spend

money generated from the program wisely.

About half think that companies buying

permits to exceed their emissions limits will

create a more serious health threat in

lower-income areas. (pages 18, 19)


n Sixty-three percent remain opposed to

building more nuclear power plants, while a

strong majority continue to favor renewable

energy projects. The strong support for the

law requiring a third of the state’s electricity

to come from renewable sources declines if

it means higher electricity bills. Californians

remain divided about increasing oil drilling

off the state’s coast. (pages 21, 22)


n A majority of Californians (54%) have heard

about fracking and, of those, four in

10 favor this practice in California. Voters

are divided along party lines. (page 23)