DMC 2011 Wrap-Up

Our 24th Annual S. F. Bay Decisionmakers  Conference (DMC) on April 26 was a great success. Over 250 private industry, government, labor and organization leaders including a 38-member expert faculty convened for an insightful dialogue on the “The Economy in 3-D:  Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”.  Conference sessions focused on the role of the Bay and its industries in lifting economic growth and towards finding a balance in the permit process during this challenging economic and political period.   The group identified actions on which to work together in a regional and collaborative manner.  Some key messages are highlighted below.  The conference was videotaped, and a summary video and text version of the DMC will be uploaded to the website soon.

  • Keynote  speaker and Frank C. Boerger Award recipient,  U. S. Representative John Garamendi: A continuing emphasis and discussion on balance is essential to sustain the marvelous resources of the Bay.  BPC is meeting the challenge of finding the right balance for the economy and the environment by continuing to be who we are.
  • Gary Oates, President of ESA, and speaker on “Winning the America’s Cup”:  The single action we can take is to collaborate with commitment.
  • John Coleman, Executive Director of BPC, started the dialogue in the morning about looking forward during these difficult times, and that challenges are really opportunities.
  • David Smith, Senior Vice President, DMB, and speaker on “The Role of the Bay…” The SB 375 and AB 32 legislation is the most prominent public statement that we need to change the way we do business.  Developers should think beyond the specifics of the  local project and engage in the needs of the community on a regional, in addition to the local level. in project development.
  • LTC Torrey DiCiro, S. F. District Engineer, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, and speaker on , “The Role of the Bay…”and “The LTMS Dredging…” sessions and Dick Butler, Resources Manager, NOAA Fisheries:  BPC brings people together fostering cooperation and collaboration.  Collaboration is the key to economic and environmental success.

There was a surprise component to the DMC this year. An additional Frank C. Boerger Award recipient was announced and presented by Col. William Leady to Ellen Joslin Johnck, founding and now former Executive Director of BPC.  Col. Leady spoke about Ellen’s 28 years of leadership and one who is passionate in her convictions, balanced in judgment, and talented in bringing diverse interests and stakeholders together to address the issues of the environment and economic development.