Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bay Planning Coalition (BPC) is to ensure that commerce, recreation and the natural environment thrive in the San Francisco Bay-Delta region.

To this aim , the BPC endeavors to:

  1. Ensure fair, reasonable and balanced planning and permitting which minimizes delay, costs and uncertainty;
  2. Assure that regulatory agencies act within their enabling legislation;
  3. Educate the general public, regulatory agencies and permit applicants in the principles of prudent planning and regulation;
  4. Collaborate with regulatory agencies and other organizations to foster understanding, communication, interaction and common solutions.

Founded in 1983, the BPC is a non-profit, membership-based organization representing a broad spectrum of Bay public and private sector entities including the maritime industry and related shoreline business, ports and local governments, landowners, residential and commercial builders, recreational users, environmental and business organizations, labor unions and professional service firms in engineering, construction, law, planning, and environmental sciences.

John A. Coleman, Executive Director