Message from the Executive Director

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  • by john
  • on January 25, 2011

A Message from Executive Director, John A. Coleman

2011 presents many opportunities and challenges for Bay Planning Coalition (BPC) to work together to protect the economy and environment of the San Francisco Bay region.

Bay Planning Coalition will continue to lead efforts to find a common sense balance between the potentially competing interests of economic opportunities and environmental protections.  Our approach will be collaborative and consensus building, with our focus on finding common ground to ensure economic prosperity.

Job retention and creation is the key to economic growth in these challenging economic conditions. Enhancing business opportunities on the shoreline and maximizing the ports’ potential to facilitate trade with our overseas partners increase the economic vitality of our entire region, and lead to the prospect of improved quality of life for Northern Californians.

BPC is going to continue to oppose legislation or agency rulemaking that unnecessarily restricts business operations or opportunities.  BPC is committed to finding a balance, yet will be a committed advocate for economic growth and vitality.

BPC welcomes your comments; we also look forward to your participation in our coalition.

John A. Coleman
Executive Director