Impact of Sea Level Change on SF Bay Discussed at Annual Decisionmakers Conference

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Ellen Joslin Johnck
Executive Director
Bay Planning Coalition
(415) 397-2293

Impact of Sea Level Change on the San Francisco Bay
Will be key discussion at the
23rd Annual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference April 14, 2010

San Francisco –March 29, 2010 – How do you plan for pending sea-level change when there is uncertainty on what the ultimate impact will be? While the science of climate change is evolving, policies for future shore-line development, recreation uses and environmental resources are being considered now, and these polices will inevitably change the character of the San Francisco Bay area.

Those who want to be part of the discussion and share their ideas should plan on attending the 23rdAnnual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference. Hosted by the Bay Planning Coalition (BPC), this year’s San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference features the science, government and business perspective on “Climate 3.0: Policies and Decisions for a Changing Landscape”. The conference will be held at the Oakland Marriott City Center, Wednesday, April 14, 2010. To register for the conference or for additional information go to

“Estimates of projected sea level change vary widely,” stated Scott Warner, Principal Hydrogeologist at AMEC Geomatrix, Inc. “While the science continues to develop, it is clear that we must develop policies and guidance that can accommodate various levels of sea level change over specific planning horizons (Adaptive Management Strategies) rather than designing to a specific estimate. Business, environmental, recreation, regulatory and public officials must work together to develop realistic, balanced and adaptive strategies.”

“The implications of a rising sea, emerging regulations and governance are enormous,” stated Ellen Joslin Johnck, executive director, Bay Planning Coalition. “There are potential impacts to water resource development and distribution, flood management, levee development and maintenance, aquatic health, sand-mining and dredging, as well as land use and economic development. It’s important that those with an interest in the future sustainability of the Bay’s economic and environmental resources attend the Conference and share their concerns and ideas.”


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