BPC Submits Support Letter for the Bay Restoration Regulatory Interagency Team

On May 25 BPC submitted a Letter to the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority (SFBRA) in support of the proposed Bay Restoration Regulatory Integration Team (BRRIT) and its accompanying Bay Restoration Policy and Management Team (BRPMT). With the BRRIT and accompanying BRPMT, SFBRA has the opportunity to improve the permitting process and policies for multi-benefit wetland restoration projects throughout San Francisco Bay. In addition to stating our overall support for the project, we asked SFBRA and the participating regulatory agencies to make clear whether BRRIT funding would primarily contribute to the Project Analysis and Permitting arm of the team or if it would contribute to the Policy & Management group as well. We also said that we would appreciate a better understanding of the type of projects that would be eligible for BRRIT.
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