Transportation News for May 10, 2018

ABC: Transportation expert discusses Bike to Work Day events across Bay Area
KTVU: Bike to work day: Get out of the car and onto two wheels!
Martinez Gazette: Bike to work day
San Francisco Chronicle: Many rides, one truth for all levels of cyclists
Mercury News: Bicyclists can (usually) ride on sidewalks: Roadshow
Marin Independent Journal: San Rafael: Bicyclists, businesses split over pilot downtown path
San Francisco Chronicle: Pedestrian safety: SF’s plan to increase crossing times between signals
Marin Independent Journal: San Rafael’s multiuse path cost climbs to nearly $6 million
East Bay Times: New service helps seniors get around with Lyft, Uber rides
San Francisco Examiner: City says Central Subway contractor laid down 3.2 miles of the wrong kind of track, prompting new delay
San Mateo Daily Journal: Toll-hike measure aims to ease congestion
Mountain View Voice: Local leaders split over transportation measure
Martinez Gazette: Primary election information released

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