BPC White Paper: Expedited Permitting for Shoreline Restoration/Resiliency Projects

In 2016, BPC’s Sustainable Waterfronts Committee started an effort to develop a draft white paper with the objective of facilitating a constructive dialogue amongst key regulatory agencies and other key interest groups to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of permitting for shoreline resiliency projects around San Francisco Bay.

BPC is pleased to announce the release of the paper entitled, Shoreline Restoration/Resiliency Projects in San Francisco Bay: An Opportunity for Improving Regulatory Efficiency

The need for a more expeditious, yet effective, permitting process for integrated restoration/resiliency projects is paramount with greater emphasis and urgency on restoring ecosystems and improving the resiliency of our Bay shorelines. The passage and imminent implementation of Measure AA makes it particularly timely for such dialogue.

The paper lays out a number of recommendations, such as establishing a DMMO-like working group for permits and approvals, setting up a regional mitigation mechanism to offset site-specific impacts, refreshing the Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application (JARPA), and others. Read the full paper by clicking the link above.