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By Chris Philips, Managing Editor

When George W. Bush prepared to move to the White House for his first term as US President, the place was a mess. The Government Accounting Office reported that Executive Office staff, some of whom had been there 30 years, used words such as “extremely filthy” or “trashed out” to describe the conditions they had observed, and that office space contained a “malodorous stench” or looked liked there had been a party.

The mess was described as “pranks” by the previous occupants, who left vulgar graffiti derogatory to the incoming administration, voice mail announcements that had been changed to answer…

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


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Story1Port of Portland CEO Wyatt Retiring

By Mark Edward Nero

On Jan. 11, Port of Portland Executive Director Bill Wyatt formally announced that after more than a decade and a half leading the port, he’s retiring on June 30…(Read full article)

Story2Annual POLB Cargo Dips Nearly 6 Percent

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Long Beach says that its terminals moved nearly 6.8 million containers in 2016, making it the port’s fifth best year ever. ..(Read full article)

Story3Oakland Port Head: Growth is the Theme in 2017

By Mark Edward Nero

Analysts are projecting three-to-four percent cargo volume growth for West Coast ports in 2017, but the Port of Oakland plans to outperform that prediction, the port’s executive director said during his annual State of the Port speech on Jan. 12… (Read full article)

Story4POLB to Hold Public Meeting on Rail Study

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Long Beach says it’s holding a public hearing this week to gather input on a draft environmental study for a proposal that would increase the use of on-dock trains, moving cargo more efficiently while making operations more sustainable… (Read full article)

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