June 2013 Issue of SEAPOWER Magazine Available Online

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  • on May 21, 2013

The June 2013 issue of SEAPOWER


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P. 3 President’s Message. Commitment and Perseverance.

P. 70 New York Council honors industry, military, city leaders.

P. 72 San Diego Council aids Freedom Station; honors recruiters, enlisted women.

P. 73 Key West Council introduces STEM project in local schools.

P. 74 Baltimore Council salutes Coast Guard, Sea Cadet unit commanders.

P. 74 Sun Coast Council hears vice admiral’s address.

P. 76 Kauai Council presents letter of appreciation to Coast Guardsman.

P. 10 Spending vs. Strategy. Pacific pivot, maritime emphasis push naval might to the forefront, but can capabilities keep up?

P. 14 A Question of Readiness. Commandant warns lawmakers that ‘borrowing forward’ is unsustainable.

P. 18 Budget Ax Falls on Coast Guard. Acquisition takes major hit, but NSC program stays the course.

P. 20 More Money for MARAD. Budget hike targets academies, Maritime Security Program, port development.

P. 22 Interview: Industry Uncertainty. Continuing resolutions and budget sequestration destabilize defense industrial planning.

P. 29 Corporate Membership Directory. The top systems, services, equipment and technology providers to the departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Transportation.

P. 48 Brown Water, Meet Green Water. As the Navy shifts its attention beyond Iraq and Afghanistan, Riverine Forces expand their focus.

P. 50 On Patrol. New Riverine boat will increase range, versatility in support of several missions.

P. 52 ‘Simple, Solid, Stable’ and Swift. The Navy’s new Joint High-Speed Vessel spearheads the way to new concepts of operation.

P. 58 Powering the Fleet. Navy works toward more efficient propulsion with a range of new technologies.

P. 60 The EOD Challenge. Mesh network robotics developed to expand mission reach, improve safety.

P. 64 Program Snapshot. Contract will improve efficiency on John F. Kennedy preparation work.

P. 78 In My Own Words. Lt. Bradley Snyder, 2012 Paralympic gold medalist and COMMIT Foundation board member.

P. 6 Washington Report

* Navy Shipbuilding Plan Called ‘Fantasy,’ Costs Requirements Underestimated.

* Stackley: SSBN Replacement Presents ‘Daunting Challenge.’

* VCNO: OCO Budget Needed to Fund Operations, Maintenance.

P. 9 Intercepts

“If you want to shut down an enemy network, you can hack it, jam it or just blow it up. It doesn’t always have to be a cyber solution to a cyber problem. We’re starting to grow out of that.”

Rear Adm. Michael W. Hewitt

Deputy Director, Special Programs Cross Functional Team on the Joint Chiefs of Staff

On how an “integrated fires” approach is becoming more important as cyberspace becomes a battleground. — AOL Defense, April 29

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