CASA Legislative Call to Action: Support HR 836

  • by BPC Staff
  • on May 8, 2013



May 8, 2013

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Legislative Call to Action – Support H.R. 836 (Miller)

Congressman Gary Miller (CA-31) has reintroduced legislation the Sunshine on Conflicts Act (H.R. 836) that addresses the continuing inequities created by the current Clean Water Act regulatory regime that prevents nomination of individuals to regional water quality control boards that receive 10 percent or more of their annual income from an NPDES permit holder (or an applicant for a permit). H.R. 836 addresses a top CASA priority. It would ensure the selection of the most talented and technically qualified individuals to serve on the water boards. The legislation directs the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to revise its standards to ensure that a true conflict of interest test is relied upon rather than an arbitrary income standard test that fails to ensure the absence of any conflict.


We are asking CASA members to renew their support for this legislation. CASA is providing members with a template support letter you can place on your agency’s letterhead and send to your member(s) of Congress. We have also provided an issue paper for you to include with your communications.


Please send letters via mail and/or fax to your congressional representatives.


Please also email a copy of your letter to CASA at or fax to (916) 231-2141. CASA will compile these letters and provide copies to Congressman Miller’s DC office.


Thank you for your continued efforts in support of H.R. 836.