Important NEW information – DAC projects

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  • by BPC Staff
  • on August 30, 2012

Dear project proponents:
The purpose of this message is to provide NEW information regarding IRWM projects benefitting disadvantaged communities.  
The Department of Water Resources has confirmed that IRWM projects benefitting a disadvantaged community (DAC) and included in a future IRWM Implementation Grant proposal may be eligible for special treatment, as summarized below.
Match waiver
A cost match waiver (minimum 25% match) can be requested for any IRWM DAC project that specifically addresses a need of a DAC.  This means that matching funds requirements could be waived for any IRWMP project specifically benefitting a disadvantaged community.
Funding appropriation
The IRWM program requires that 10% of statewide funding for Implementation Grants must address critical water supply/water quality needs of a DAC. DWR has confirmed our understanding that flood control projects in a DAC are eligible for this DAC-dedicated funding (in addition to the match funding waiver), if they meet a critical water supply or water quality need. For a flood control project, the project sponsor must present the argument for how the flood control project addresses a critical water supply/water quality need. For example, if a flood control project is located in a DAC and is designed to prevent public health risks associated with exposure to bacterial or chemical pollutants that could result from flooding (such as happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina), the project could be considered by DWR to meet a critical water quality need.
The deadline for submitting new or updated project descriptions to be eligible for inclusion in the 2013 Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, and future IRWM Implementation Grant proposals, is September 7, 2012.
New or updated project descriptions received after 12:00 midnight on September 7 will not be considered during the Project Review Process for inclusion in the 2013 IRWM Plan.
Please note that you will need to register with the Bay Area IRWMP website in order to edit project information. If you need assistance or have questions, you may seek technical support by contacting
Thank you,
Paul Helliker
Chair, Bay Area IRWMP Coordinating Committee