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  • by BPC Staff
  • on March 13, 2014
A Shared Agenda
for Prosperity
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11 Ways to Fight California’s Drought

The California Economic Summit recently delivered a letter to the Governor and Legislative leaders, sending them 11 recommendations detailing how the state can respond to one of the worst droughts in the last century.

Eleven Summit ideas for reacting to California drought while advancing sustainable prosperity



Read the Letter to the Governor and Legislators:

Letter: Summit Drought Recommendations
“A drier California may be the new normal. Efficient water use will be critical to survival.”


Nine things California can do in 2014 to advance prosperity

For the last two years, the Economic Summit has brought together leaders from across the state to do something unprecedented in California: create a shared agenda—one developed by experts from each of the state’s diverse regions—aimed at expanding prosperity for all.

Summit Stories from CAeconomy:

VIDEO: Entrepreneurs do good while doing well

In downtown Los Angeles, there’s an office that sports all the aesthetics of a startup company. But entrepreneurs working there are not only looking to make money but also to remake communities and advance the triple bottom line. Watch it…


Report: California’s aerospace industry bigger than Hollywood
Aerospace creates more revenue than agriculture and entertainment combined


New face of career technical education and why legislative support matters
Veteran’s experience embodies what can happen when job training is done right.


Embracing critical review, Caltrans details modernizing agency
Reforms align with Summit infrastructure goals to maintain California’s infrastructure


College chancellor on bid to combat Silicon Valley prosperity gap
District competing for piece of $250 million linked learning fund


Runaway film and TV jobs not just a Los Angeles problem
State economy lost 10,000 middle-class jobs from TV shows leaving

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