Update on 48-inch Force Main Reliability Improvement Project

  • by BPC Staff
  • on January 21, 2014


Update on 48-inch Force Main Reliability Improvement Project

  January 20, 2014

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Update #21 (January 20, 2014) for SBSA’s  

48-inch Force Main Reliability Improvement Project:  

Unit 1 – Maple Street to Bair Island/Bair Island Road    



Bair Island Road/Bair Island


Increased Activity

There will be increased activity once again at Jacking Shaft #2 located on the property owned by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife near the new pedestrian bridge, approximately 150 feet east of Uccelli Boulevard, in order to insert the 48-inch HDPE carrier pipe inside the casing that was installed through microtunneling.   There is activity already occurring and there will be a mobilization of more equipment during the later part of the week of January 20. The actual pipe installation is scheduled to start Thursday, January 29. The current plan is to start inserting the carrier pipe along what we call Reach 4 – from the Jacking Shaft #2 described above to Receiving Shaft #2 located on the Inner Bair Island levee at the southeast corner of the levee. After that, the plan is to insert the pipe from Jacking Shaft #2 to Receiving Shaft #1 location at the east end of the USFWS parking lot off of Bair Island Road. The duration of this work will be roughly from January 28 to March 31. This will include filling up this jacking shaft hole to the existing ground surface. .


Noise levels will be similar to what is being heard right now. A crane will be permanently staged at the jacking shaft in order to lower materials into the hole. A few other pieces of equipment and trucks will be moving around the site bringing materials to the shaft.


Final Restoration

There will still be one more phase of work in this area, namely Final Restoration. This will include work to install a bathroom building and the associated utilities, install some bus turnouts at the parking lot entrance and finish grade and pave the parking lot. This work is planned to start around mid-April, shortly after the pipeline work is complete, and be completed mid-May to early June 2014.



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More updates will follow as the work progresses.   






Questions About the 48-Inch Pipeline Project

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The mission of the 48-Inch Force Main Reliability Improvement Project is to plan, design, construct, and safely put into service, at the lowest reasonable cost and in the shortest practical time, a new force main pipe that protects the environment.





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