A Message from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

  • by BPC Staff
  • on July 31, 2013


This is a reminder that our next stakeholder meeting for the “Evaluation of the Municipal and Domestic Supply (MUN) Beneficial Use in Ag Dominated Surface Waters” project will be on Monday August 19th from 9 am – 3 pm at our Rancho Cordova office. Below in PDF is a link to an agenda that contains more information about the meeting and a WebEx link.


Also attached is a document with updated Tables 1 & 2 (DRAFT MUN designation beneficial use process and proposed refined MUN water quality objectives).  The significant change in Tables 1 and 2 is the more focused evaluation of only the Ag Dominated Surface Water Body categories. This change reflects both stakeholder comments and internal legal discussions emphasizing the importance of keeping the project alternatives within the bounds set by the initial CEQA scoping—review of appropriate MUN designation and protection in agriculturally dominated surface water bodies.  As such, Table 2 lists only the refined “Limited” MUN category for Ag Dominated Surface Water Bodies and no longer includes refined definitions for existing and potential use.  Any future evaluation of the existing/potential MUN beneficial use and its associated water quality objectives in non-Ag dominated water bodies is anticipated to occur as part the larger region-wide CV-SALTS initiative.


The last document attached is an updated template based on the Inland Surface Water Plan water reports used to categorize water bodies in the early 1990s. We sent out the original template in the last Lyris email and the most significant change in this version is Section II,  which evaluates any MUN use in the surface water system.

 Agenda – August 19, 2013

DRAFT MUN BU Tables 1&2

ISWP Template for Water and Drainage Districts