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  • on May 16, 2013



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Risk Assessment: Is the Process Effective or Broken? 

Questions regarding assessing and managing health risks in the U.S. are being discussed in panel presentations hosted by the non-profit Association for Environmental Health and Sciences (AEHS) Foundation and moderated by top Integral toxicologists and scientists. In discussions that took place last year, and continued at the spring AEHS Foundation conference in San Diego, nationally renowned regulators, industry practitioners, and risk managers are addressing an array of questions regarding the status of risk assessment and risk management as it is currently practiced in the U.S.  These questions, and suggestions for improvements, are described in a white paper “Assessing and Managing Human Health Risks in the U.S.–Striking a Balance between Costs, Benefits, Efficacy, and Unintended Consequences.”



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Brownfields: Beneficial Reuse of Fill Material Saves Money While Greening Cities

Reuse of fill material in Brownfields site remediation has saved clients millions of dollars while reaping sustainable benefits. Reduced roadway and infrastructure wear, fossil fuel savings, less noise and particulate emissions, and a dramatic reduction in the carbon footprint of each project are just a few of the many benefits derived from beneficial reuse.  Waste that would otherwise need to be trucked to landfills is repurposed for a second life in a related or unrelated industry. Beneficial reuse is a win-win for the client not only for cost savings but also for reducing the client’s overall impact on the environment, while demonstrating responsible environmental stewardship within the community. Both private industry and local municipalities have found that Integral services in beneficial reuse have been a key factor in their successful project completion.

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Integral Laboratory Now Available for Standard Services and Custom Experiments   

Integral has opened a new environmental laboratory that provides services in mining materials characterization, soil and solid waste characterization, in vitro bioaccessiblity testing, and custom experiments.  This laboratory offers a range of tests, including humidity cell tests (by method ASTM D5744-07); metals analysis by x-ray fluorescence; attenuation/leaching column tests and batch tests; kinetic or equilibrium sorption isotherm analyses; and in vitro bioaccessibility testing for metals and organic chemicals. Additional capabilities include bench scale treatability/stabilization tests; microbiological testing and analysis; and a wide variety of water quality tests that rely on spectrophotometric methods (e.g., using a Hach spectrophotometer). Integral scientists can also assist in designing and executing custom experiments to evaluate challenging environmental problems and to address questions that fall outside the realm of standard environmental laboratory services.


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Integral Strategic Alliance with Sullivan & Worcester LLP Law Firm Strengthens Regulatory Support  

Environmental cleanups are often fraught with legal issues and liability concerns. Integral’s strategic alliance with the Sullivan and Worcester law firm can help clients navigate the regulatory and scientific requirements of complex cleanup projects. Services offered include assistance in obtaining regulatory approvals and registrations, support in understanding and negotiating complex regulatory schemes, resolution of technical and scientific issues, strategic business planning, consortia creation and management, and guidance on legislative, administrative, and scientific initiatives and how they will affect the business community.

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