Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Chapters Available for Review

Three draft chapters are now available for public review as part of the Bay Area IRWM Plan Update process:

  • Chapter 2: Region Description
  • Chapter 3: Objectives
  • Chapter 6: Regional Priorities (includes Appendix 6-2: Project Template)

Please visit the BAIRWMP website at to access the draft chapters.

How to provide comments
Please submit your substantive comments on Chapters 2, 3 and 6 using a Chapter Review Form (available at the link above) and send to Dana Haasz ( by March 28, 2013. Please use a separate form for each chapter reviewed.

Review of additional Plan Update chapters
Each of the Bay Area IRWM Plan Update’s chapters will be available for public review prior to being combined into one document (note: this combined Plan Update will also be available for review in June 2013). The draft chapters will be available on the BAIRWMP website (, and a message will be sent to this distribution list at the beginning of each chapter’s 30-day review period.

Below is the list of BAIRWM Plan Update chapters:

Chapter : Title
Chapter 1: Governance
Chapter 2: Region Description
Chapter 3: Objectives
Chapter 4: Resource Management Strategies
Chapter 6: Project Review
Chapter 7: Impacts & benefits
Chapter 8: Performance & Monitoring
Chapter 9: Data Management
Chapter 10: Financing
Chapter 11: Technical analysis
Chapter 12: Relation to Water planning
Chapter 13: Relation to land use planning
Chapter 14: Stakeholder Engagement
Chapter 15: Coordination
Chapter 16: Climate change