Port of Redwood City Reports Increased Shipping Activity

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  • by BPC Staff
  • on October 16, 2012

Port of Redwood City Reports Increased Shipping Activity

            Total tonnage for all commodities crossing over the Port of Redwood City docks during the 1st quarter of fiscal year 2012-2013 was 338,226 metric tons (MT), an increase of 41,991 MT tons, or 14%, over the 1st quarter of the prior fiscal year. 

            Port Manager of Operations Don Snaman said that approximate percentage breakdowns by commodities:  imported aggregates 36%; imported sand 35%; exported scrap metal 17%; imported bauxite 8%; and the remaining 3% consisted of domestic sand.

            “Due to the recent low production from local quarries, imported  sand and aggregates continue to be at a high demand for the local ready-mix concrete suppliers,” Snaman said.  During all of FY 12, nearly 850,000 MT of sand and aggregates were imported.  At the current rate, imports of sand and aggregates may come close to 1,000,000 MT for the entire FY 13.

            Twenty-one vessels (12 ships, 9 barges) made calls during the 1st quarter of FY 13 compared to 15 vessels (12 ships, 3 barges) during the 1st quarter of FY 12. 

            First quarter tonnage was ahead of 1st quarter FY 12 budget projections by 34,226 MT, or 11%, Snaman reported.  This is primarily due to the additional 60,000 MT of sand and aggregates, offset by a 30,000 MT decrease in exported scrap metal.