State Water Resource Control Board: Public Workshop

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  • by BPC Staff
  • on August 16, 2012


This letter is to provide clarification regarding written submittals pursuant to the June 22, 2012 notice of public workshop related to the comprehensive review of the Bay-Delta Plan (Phase 2).  The notice can be found at:


As specified in the notice, workshop participants are required to submit to the State Water Board written information, including scientific and technical reports and summaries, responsive to the workshop questions prior to the workshops.  Participants need not resubmit information already included on the State Water Board’s website, but can instead incorporate such information by reference and indicate where the information is currently posted.  To the extent that the State Water Board relies upon information already on its website or other information, that information will be referenced in draft and final documents as appropriate and included in the administration record for this proceeding.  If participants are relying upon specific information already included on the Board’s website (e.g. information related to the Delta Flow Criteria proceedings), they should make specific reference to that information (including specific documents and the page numbers or chapters for large documents) and indicate in their summary materials how that information supports any conclusions. 


For large submittals over 15 megabytes in total size, participants should email a summary of their written information to the State Water Board and mail or hand deliver any additional information on a CD/DVD.  The emails should be sent to by the due dates and times specified in the notice.  Mailed CDs/DVDs should be postmarked by the required submittal dates and addressed as follows: 


Jeanine Townsend, Clerk to the Board

State Water Resources Control Board

P.O. Box 100, Sacramento, CA 95812-0100 (by mail)


Hand deliveries should be submitted to the following address by the date and time specified in the notice:


Jeanine Townsend, Clerk to the Board

State Water Resources Control Board

1001 I Street, 24th Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814 (by hand delivery)


Participants with hand deliveries should check in with the visitor center on the first floor who will contact State Water Board staff to pick up any hand deliveries.


If you have any questions regarding this email or the workshops, please contact Dr. Brock Bernstein, Workshops Facilitator, at (805) 646-8369 or