Cup's yacht plan threatens our wide-open bay views

  • by DJ
  • on August 23, 2011

If Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison and organizers of the high-profile regatta get their way, the Embarcadero’s widest stretch of open water would be turned into a parking lot for two dozen spectator yachts at least 100 feet long. The rich and famous would have access to this watery perch not for a matter of days or weeks, but for the months leading up to and including the storied regatta.

Nor does the imposition end there. If the basin alongside Rincon Park requires dredging to accommodate a class of ships where size most emphatically matters, regatta organizers have the option to turn the basin into a commercial marina … (Read the full article at SF Gate:

An illustration from the draft environmental impact report depicts proposed berthing facilities for America's Cup spectators' yachts between Piers 14 and 22 1/2