Air Quality Committee

As regional air quality is exacerbated by wildfire and drought trends, Bay Planning Coalition has recognized the importance of taking action to prevent poor air quality from becoming a liability to our livelihoods, ecosystems, and our economy. California has some of the most stringent air quality regulations in the world and is now the globe’s 5th biggest economy, proving that a strong environment and commerce can coexist. Bay Planning Coalition’s Air Quality Committee was formed to work with state and local agencies to support the development of pragmatic air quality regulations that build regional resilience to climate change while also sustaining the economic engine in the Bay Area.

Air Quality Committee’s Policy Goals:
  • Influencing the development of pragmatic air quality regulations that build resilience and support continued economic growth in the Bay Area.
  • Assessing the economic impacts of recent wildfires to advocate for more federal and state funding to build emergency response and resilience planning in the Bay Area.
Committee Co-Chairs: Amnon Bar-Ilan, Ramboll and Michael McGuire, Geosyntec

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