Resources & Infrastructure Committee

The BPC Resources & Infrastructure Committee will identify priorities for advocacy, research and positioning by BPC on issues related to the supply, reliability and pricing of water and energy in Northern California as it impacts of the production and movement of goods. The Committee will also focus on infrastructure concerns and developments related to water and energy and the movement of goods via our ports, airports, highways and rail lines. Our region is ranked as the 17th biggest economy in the world, with a GDP of $828 billion. Maintaining the massive infrastructure and energy and water supply necessary to support this economy is a top area of focus for BPC.



A high quality, reliable supply of clean water is absolutely foundational to the success of all facets of our economy. From the massive agricultural production of the Central Valley to the many job-creating businesses in San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, all need water in order to continue their success. Without the guarantee of accessible and reliable clean water, new businesses will not move here or expand their operations, and innovation will not progress.

The Committee will support research and policy positions on the topics of water supply infrastructure, water allocation, storage, adequate funding for development and maintenance, waste-water treatment, pricing, availability and more.



Similarly to water, a constant, reliable, safely delivered, affordable supply of energy to homes and businesses ensures the high quality of life and ability to develop technologically-advanced industries that the Bay Area is known for, and for business expansion of all commerce.

In the interest of trade, the movement of goods, quality of life and economic prosperity, the Committee will identify priorities for research, advocacy and positioning related to energy pricing, supply and infrastructure maintenance and improvements.



Our highways, rail lines, airports, ports, and public works infrastructure are the unsung backbone of the greater Bay Area’s economic success.  Without a safe, functioning transportation and energy infrastructure, business and daily life would grind to a halt. Goods shipped in and out of our ports and airports arrive and depart on trucks and trains. Our entire trade economy is completely inter-dependent on quality infrastructure in order to function. Huge numbers of jobs rely on safe, functioning, open roads, as well as safely transported and readily available energy and water. Sea Level Rise and climate change threaten the integrity of existing infrastructure and must be anticipated. New infrastructure will need to be resilient to potential sea level rise.

The Committee will support research and advocacy in the interest of maintaining and improving upon transportation, water and energy infrastructure in a sustainable and economically beneficial manner.

Committee Co-Chairs:

  • David Carlson, ESA
  • Michael McGuire, Geosyntec

If you are interested in participating in the Resources & Infrastructure Committee or have other questions associated with this committee, please contact Roman Berenshteyn.               

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