Transportation News for December 5, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: Full-color Muni Metro signs to soon replace red marquees  San Francisco Chronicle: Traffic-plagued Yosemite Valley getting cleaner buses  Mercury News: Roadshow: Adding lane lines on paved roads is slow  Marin Independent Journal: Marin transportation officials pounce for gas tax matching funds  Fairfield Daily Republic: San Jose State institute to guide transit tax research funding  Marin Independent Journal: Editorial: […]

Transportation News for December 4, 2017

Mercury News: Roadshow: Express Lanes, Caltrain main hopes for Highway 101 commute  Mercury News: Roadshow: Electric cars with diamond-lane stickers rule the road in the Bay Area  Mercury News: Car rental companies find a way to ding motorists for electronic tolling  Mercury News: Uber in the sky? Now you can crowdsource a helicopter and get to the show on […]

Transportation News for December 1, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: Medicine for the Hairball: Bike safety fixes get go-ahead  San Francisco Chronicle: General Motors says self-driving taxi fleets coming in 2019  East Bay Times: Alameda County takes brakes off 54,000 drivers, reverses license suspensions for unpaid traffic fines  Mercury News: Shared electric vehicles, charging stations on way to low-income communities in the Bay Area  Mercury News: Roadshow: […]

Transportation News for November 30, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: SF set to become first US city to price all metered parking based on demand  San Francisco Chronicle: Scoot Networks plans expansion of electric scooter-sharing service to Barcelona  East Bay Times: Ferry ridership shows big increase at Alameda’s Harbor Bay terminal  Mercury News: Roadshow: What’s with the random backups in my San Jose neighborhood?  Mercury News: Council […]

Transportation News for November 29, 2017

Mercury News: Roadshow: On BART, it’s “Buddy, can you spare a buck”  Mercury News: Waymo trade-secrets case takes ugly turn for Uber  Mercury News: Rich San Francisco homeowners get sold-off street back from San Jose investor  Napa Valley Register: Napa transportation agency honors bus workers for efforts during wildfires  San Francisco Examiner: Chinatown to net $450,000 in aid after Central […]

Transportation News for November 28, 2017

East Bay Times: Bike share rollout nears completion in Oakland  Mercury News: San Francisco homeowners want city to give back their street bought by San Jose investor  Mercury News: Roadshow: Yikes! 101-Willow work remains a major migraine  Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Free SMART passes offered to downtown Santa Rosa shoppers  Napa Valley Register: New Napa Valley Vine Trail already undergoing […]

Transportation News for November 27, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: Some Mission Bay neighbors fuming over Caltrain’s diesel dust  San Francisco Chronicle: For drivers without garages, charging a big barrier to electric cars  Mercury News: Building a better bus: Can crowd-sourcing bus routes solve Bay Area commuters’ woes?  Mercury News: Menlo Park: Author traces how city streets got their names  Mercury News: Roadshow: Transit changes include paying […]

Transportation News for November 22, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: BART’s big dig leading to a big fight in Silicon Valley  San Francisco Chronicle: Cross at your own risk: San Francisco’s most dangerous intersections  San Francisco Chronicle: Last stop for cannabis advertising on Muni buses, trains, stations and stops  East Bay Times: The worst places to drive this Thanksgiving; plus AAA’s car-sharing service, Gig, expands to […]

Transportation News for November 21, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: 3 Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza lanes are routinely shut – here’s why  San Francisco Chronicle: Uber strikes deal with Volvo to bring more self-driving cars to its network  East Bay Times: Counties target San Pablo Avenue corridor with $312 million project  East Bay Times: Richmond snares more than $7.2 million in greening grants  Mercury News: Panel […]

Transportation News for November 20, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: Court sides with Becerra’s ballot description of gas tax initiative  San Francisco Chronicle: New Muni train, designed to be quieter and more spacious, hit San Francisco streets  San Francisco Examiner: Photo Gallery: New Muni train rolls out at Duboce and Church  San Francisco Chronicle: SF’s Muni considers yanking marijuana ads from its buses  San Francisco Chronicle: Why […]