BPC EXPERT BRIEFING: Emerging Environmental Risks for the San Francisco Bay

Emerging Environmental Risks for the San Francisco Bay Thursday, March 30, 2017 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Marsh Risk & Insurance Services San Francisco, CA  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TENTATIVE AGENDA Join us for an Expert Briefing about the potential impacts of sea level rise to the San Francisco Bay, […]

Visualizing Higher Sea Levels with King Tides

It has been told that there was a year when BPC’s Annual Members Meeting and Luncheon fell on the same day as a king tides day, and that the view of these tides, seen from the St. Francis Yacht Club, was quite a sight to see. Unfortunately, our Luncheon missed the mark by just a […]

BCDC Commission Public Workshop 5, Rising Sea Level

Click here to view the meeting notice for the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission on December 1, 2016

Sea Level Rise: Call to Action for Region’s Tech Companies

A mid-range projection from the National Research Council estimates nearly three feet of sea level rise in the Bay by the year 2100. If such projections are realized, many built environments on the Bay’s shoreline are endangered of being flooded, including roads, sewage treatment plants, and airports. Measure AA, passed in June 2016 with 69% […]

Measure AA passed. Now what?

On June 7, Measure AA, a ballot initiative first endorsed by Bay Planning Coalition in May 2014, passed with 69.08% of the vote. It was on the ballot in the nine Bay Area counties where it creates a $12 per parcel tax that will raise $500 million over the next 20 years that will be […]

John King’s In-Depth Article, “Rising reality”, on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay

Rising reality By John King May 2016 Fifty years ago, Bay Area residents rallied around the call to save San Francisco Bay. Public action on an unprecedented scale reversed development tides that for more than a century had covered shallow waters with land for industrial parks and housing tracts, roadways and garbage dumps. Now the […]

Free Climate Readiness Institute LEAP Webinar

CRI June Webinar — LEAP! CRI invites you to our FREE 1-hour June Webinar, showcasing Nate Kaufman’s Live Edge Adaptation Project — LEAP — a new and innovative vision for the SF Bay shoreline and coastal areas worldwide. For more, see Nate’s LEAP framework below. The webinar — 20 minutes of presentation with 40 minutes of Q&A and […]

In Search of Mud to Save Francisco Bay

  Guest Blog In Search of Mud to Save San Francisco Bay To restore the region’s salt marshes, scientists and engineers need to get their hands on huge quantities of the messy stuff By Venkat Srinivasan on March 28, 2016    Along the San Francisco Bay, just beyond the din of gridlock, industry and residential lawn mowers, an […]

RIMS 2016: Sea Level Rise Will Be Worse and Come Sooner

RIMS 2016: Sea Level Rise Will Be Worse and Come Sooner By Don Jergler | April 12, 2016 Think sea level rise will be moderate and something we can all plan for? Think again. Sea levels could rise by much more than originally anticipated, and much faster, according to new data being collected by scientists […]

SeaChange SMC Updates & Announcements for March 16, 2016

SeaChange SMC Updates & Announcements SeaChange SMC Updates & Announcements Upcoming Events Pacifica’s Environmental Family 6:30 p.m. | Thursday, March 24, 2016 Sea Level Rise: Pacifica’s Choices Join experts to examine and ask questions about the realities of Sea Level Rise in Pacifica at a free forum sponsored by Pacifica’s Environmental Family and the Pacifica Climate […]