Estuary Pearls Newsletter for August 2018

AUGUST   2 0 1 8 Nuggets of Bay-Delta news—pearls in the ocean of information—curated by the reporters and editors of ESTUARY News magazine.      N E W S     Help may be on the way for critically endangered southern resident killer whales, as NOAA Fisheries and the Washington Department of Fish and […]

Estuary News for July 2018

June 2018 ESTUARY News Magazine Specific Stories Blurbs & Links Teaser: Can local land use control still be a sacred pillar of American freedom?  Not when the San Francisco Bay is rising, and our homes and investments sit in the lowlands on its shore.  Not everyone can move to a safer location. Not every local […]

SFEI Newsletter for Spring 2016 • Spring • 2016 At SFEI, we are engaged in over 30 major projects throughout the S.F. Bay Area and Delta region on a wide range water quality and landscape monitoring, assessment and ecological planning efforts. Our goal is always to provide the best available science to decision makers. In addition, the past year […]