Happy World Oceans Day from Boating Clean & Green

Click here for tips from Boating Clean & Green on keeping our ocean unpolluted.

Film and Lecture Event at Aquarium of the Bay

For information on the upcoming Aquarium of the Bay Film and Lecture event, featuring a screening of BLUE, click here.

Socioeconomic Data and Products Updates from NOAA

New Products NOAA Report on the Ocean and Great Lakes Economy of the United States Regional and State Profiles One-pagers of numbers and charts for your area. Report Describing the Ocean Economies of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico A better understanding of the Caribbean Territories’ ocean dependency. Story from the Field Mapping Ecosystem […]

The ‘Blue Silicon Valley’ Emerges from the ‘Serengeti of the Sea’ – Town Hall Meeting on September 21, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 7, 2016 Contact: Tony Livoti Monterey Bay International Trade Association / TradePort Tel.: (831) 335-4780   tlivoti@mbita.org The ‘Blue Silicon Valley’ Emerges from the ‘Serengeti of the Sea’ Sometimes referred to as the ‘Serengeti of the Sea’, the one-of-a-kind Monterey Bay of California is now embracing a new name, the ˜Blue […]

Participate in The Blue Silicon Valley Exhibit Booth at Oceans 16 Conference

The Blue Silicon Valley The world acclaimed Oceans 16 conference is coming to the Monterey Bay from September 19-23rd. The ‘Blue Silicon Valley‘ has emerged from the ‘Serengeti of the Sea’, the Monterey Bay of California. MBITA is now organizing a special reduced exhibit fee to participate in the Blue Silicon Valley exhibit booth at Oceans 16.  Contact the MBITA office […]

Register for Oceans 16′ Conference in Monterey Bay, California

PRESENTED BY IN COLLABORATION WITH More Information Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) P.O. Box 523 Santa Cruz, CA 95061 Tel. 831-335-4780 Fax 831-335-4822 www.mbita.org Oceans 16 Update and Global Outreach for the Monterey Bay Marine Science Community The Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) in association with the Marine Technology Society and the IEEE […]

Scientists Alarmed at Ocean Warming

San Francisco Chronicle: Scientists alarmed at ocean warming 

Film & Lecture Series on Sharks of San Francisco Bay on October 29, 2015

Sharks of the Bay Exploring Myths and Realities of the Sharks of San Francisco Bay   White sharks visit and feed in San Francisco Bay. The recent spectacular sighting near Alcatraz Island has been covered extensively in the news, but did you know that over 7 other shark species regularly feed, breed, and inhabit the […]

MBITA &TradePort: ‘Blue Innovation’ Impacts the Monterey Bay and Qingdao, China

Last Thursday, June 11th, an event took place at Moss Landing, California in the center of the dynamic Monterey Bay called ‘America’s Blue Silicon Valley Meets China’s Blue Silicon Valley’ (see latest press release). The latest marine science technologies of the ‘blue economy’ featuring marine aquaculture, off shore energy production, solutions to the challenges of desalination […]