Bay Area Climate News from CRI

BAY AREA CLIMATE NEWS FROM CRI September 2018      THE BIG PICTURE    The Summer of 2018 — Where Do We Even Start? Only part way through the Summer (late July) the Washington Post ran an extraordinary piece scanning the planet — record heat in the Netherlands, fires above the Arctic Circle, hottest temps ever in Africa and Japan, […]

Bay Area Climate News from CRI – April 2018

BAY AREA CLIMATE NEWS FROM CRI April 2018      THE BIG PICTURE   GHG Emissions Rose in 2017 — Renewables growing fast…but not fast enough The New York Times breaks down the top 5 reasons why global GHGs rose in 2017. While renewables grew faster than any other energy sector, they couldn’t match the growth in overall energy demand. […]

Bay Area Climate News from CRI – FEB 2018

BAY AREA CLIMATE NEWS FROM CRI February 2018  THE BIG PICTURE Bay Area Climate Lawsuits v. Fossil Fuel Companies  Climate Liability News (!) reports on lawsuits by Marin, San Mateo, Oakland and San Francisco against Chevon, Exxon, etc. See Marin County’s 111-page filing alleging public nuisance, liability, and negligence. Exxon is beginning the fight back, claiming if the climate threat is real, […]

Bay Area Climate News from CRI – July 2017

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CRI Bay Area Climate News for May 2017

  BAY AREA CLIMATE NEWS May 2017   The Big Picture   State Adaptation Work in Full Swing Kids Suing the Feds for an Unstable Climate The Oregon lawsuit by a group of 9-20 year olds (Our Children’s Trust) is now moving towards a trial in 2018. In rejecting motions to dismiss from the Obama administration, […]

CRI Bay Area Climate News for September 2016

The September 2016 issue of Bay Area Climate News from CRI (Climate Readiness Institute) includes SB 32, AB 197, project updates, and a spotlight on three Bay Area projects. CRI also released Version 1.2 of Climate Change & Bay Area Human Health: Facts Figures and Science-Based Storylines. The document aims to focus greater attention on the […]

CRI Bay Area Climate News for August 2016

                 BAY AREA CLIMATE NEWS August 2016 The Big Picture Climate Change: 2 Platforms We’re Lucky Climate Change Did Not Happen Sooner David Archer’s fascinating proposal, published in Climatic Change, that we are VERY fortunate the pre-industrial CO2 level was 280 ppm in 1750. If this “background” CO2level had been substantially lower, our fossil fuel burning […]

CRI Bay Area Climate News for May 2016

BAY AREA CLIMATE NEWS May 2016 The Big Picture Bay Area Adaptation Calendar Japanese Monks Recorded the Climate for 700 Years! Fabulous National Geographic story, about a new study in Nature Scientific Reports on monks near a mountain lake in central Japan who have kept a detailed record continuously since 1443 of lake freezing and […]

Free Climate Readiness Institute LEAP Webinar

CRI June Webinar — LEAP! CRI invites you to our FREE 1-hour June Webinar, showcasing Nate Kaufman’s Live Edge Adaptation Project — LEAP — a new and innovative vision for the SF Bay shoreline and coastal areas worldwide. For more, see Nate’s LEAP framework below. The webinar — 20 minutes of presentation with 40 minutes of Q&A and […]