Richmond Today Newsletter for June 2018

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Richmond Today Newsletter for May 2018

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Richmond Today Community Newsletter April 2018

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Chevron – Richmond Today Community Newsletter August 2017

equip richmond – a new kind of initiative eQuip Richmond is an economic revitalization initiative to support employment and training programs for adults, build opportunitites for small businesses, help at-risk youth and provide data-driven support services to improve the quality of life in Richmond and North Richmond.   learn more › equip richmond – by the […]

Chevron – Richmond Today Community Newsletter July 2017

making the products you use From gasoline to jet fuel, and lubricating base oils to diesel, the Richmond Refinery makes the products you use every day. Learn more about the products we make that keep you on the move, fuel the Bay Area economy and improve the quality of life for all residents.   learn more […]

Chevron – Richmond Today Community Newsletter June 2017

  commitment to education We believe that students are most successful when they have access to a high quality education. That’s why we focus on improving local instruction in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and are helping provide the career and technical training that can lead directly to well-paying jobs.   learn more › inspiring a […]

Chevron – Richmond Today Community Newsletter May 2017

richmond’s best kept secret Just about everyone who spends time in this community knows Richmond is home to the Chevron Refinery, but few people seem to know the city is also home to the Richmond Technology Center (RTC), a cutting-edge, scientific research campus that produces over 100 technology patents annually.   learn more › a history […]

Job Opportunity with Chevron Richmond Modernization Project

An engineering subcontractor for the Chevron Richmond Modernization Project is seeking an Administrative Assistant. Click here to learn more about the project and how to apply to the position.

Richmond Today Community Newsletter May 2016

producing the world’s cleanest fuels Refineries, like the one here in Richmond, are important to the Bay Area and State of California. From gasoline, to jet and diesel fuel, and lubricating base oils, the Richmond Refinery produces the products we use on a daily basis. learn more › all about hydrogen Refining crude oil into […]

Chevron Richmond Refinery Newsletter for April 2016

richmond: the birthplace of innovation For more than a century, some of the world’s most significant energy innovations have been developed in our community at the Richmond Technology Center (RTC), a unique research and development campus located adjacent to the Refinery. learn more › key research hub As the research headquarters for many of Chevron’s […]