BCDC January 16 Meeting Materials

Materials for the January 16, 2014 Commission Meeting Commission Mailing – January 3, 2014 Commission Meeting Notice Staff Recommendation on a Contract with the Association of Bay Area Governments to Assist in an Evaluation of the Vulnerability and Risk to Sea Level Rise of Priority Development Areas Identified in Plan Bay Area Public Hearing and […]

BCDC Meeting Cancellation

BCDC 2014 Design Review Board Meeting Schedule

BCDC Meeting Cancellation Notice

On November 8, 2013 BCDC posted the following information on its website: Commission Mailing – November 8, 2013   Meeting Cancellation Notice  BCDC Permit Applications, Consistency Determinations, and Amendments Received for Processing

Meeting Materials for November 7, 2013 BCDC Meeting

  On November 2, 2013 BCDC posted the following information on its website: For the Commission Meeting scheduled on November 7, 2013: Revised Meeting Notice Draft Minutes of October 17, 2013 Commission Meeting – Agenda Item 4 Staff Recommendation on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Material Amendment No. Three to Consistency Determination No. C2004.005.00, Potential […]

BCDC Testimony Before the Little Hoover Commission, October 24th, 2013

R. Zachary Wasserman, Chair San Francisco bay Conservation and Development Commission Testimony Before the Milton Marks Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy (Little Hoover Commission) Public Hearing on California Climate Change Adaptation Strategies October 24th, 2013 State Capitol, Room 437 Read the Full Testimony in PDF

Job Announcement: Chief Counsel for BCDC

Regulatory Reach of BCDC's Bay Plan

Regulatory Reach of BCDC’s Bay Plan Summary: The Bay Plan is not confined to “advisory” status regarding projects and activates outside BCDC’s formal jurisdiction. To the contrary, the Bay Plan has the force of binding federal law under the Coastal Zone Management Act with respect to any project or activity involving a federal permit or […]

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise BCDC Proposed Bay Plan Amendment BCDC has developed draft findings and policies on climate change and a background report on climate change and the potential impacts of a rise in sea level on the Bay Area region. The background report, Living With A Rising Bay: Vulnerability And Adaptation In […]