U.S. Army Corps of Engineers DELTA NEWS December 2011

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House filed Omnibus Spending Bill H.R. 3671

December 14, 2011, The House filed omnibus spending bill H.R. 3671.  The bill essentially funds federal agencies through September 30, 2012 once signed into law later this week.  Omnibus Bill HR 3671 for the section of H.R. 3671 dealing with the Corps and the USBR.

California Court Rules That an EIR Need Not Evaluate the Impact of Sea Level Rise on a Project

California’s Second District Court of Appeal has held that an Environmental Impact Report need not evaluate the impacts of potential sea level rise on a project or the project’s occupants.  The ruling addressed provisions of the Guidelines implementing the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), including provisions of the CEQA checklist questionnaire that is used by […]

Occupy Movement Temporarily Curtails West Coast Post Traffic

The Occupy movement’s one-day action to disrupt the flow of container traffic at seaports on the West Coast of North America led to slowed, although not completely halted, cargo movement at multiple locations…Read more

Port of Oakland Maritime Operations Returning to Normal

November 13, 2011 Media Contact:Robert Bernardo, Communications ManagerPort of Oakland(510) 627-1401rbernardo@portoakland.com “Terminals calling up labor, truckers lining up, as all prepare to catch up on back-log caused by disruptions “ Maritime operations are returning to normal at the Port of Oakland after a day of port disruptions up and down the West Coast. Demonstrators have dispersed […]

Myths and Facts about the Port of Oakland Protests

MYTHS AND FACTS ABOUT THE PORT OF OAKLAND PROTESTS  December 12, 2011 Media Contact: Marilyn Sandifur, Port Spokesperson Port of Oakland (510)627-1193 msandifur@portoakland.com While news reports today have for the most part accurately described protest activity at the Port of Oakland today, some incorrect information and rumors persist.  The Port would like to separate fact […]

Port of Redwood City 2011 Currents Newsletter

Read the Port of Redwood City Current Newsletter.

Update Port of Oakland

December 12, 2011 “The Port of Oakland has remained operational, with protests leading to sporadic disruptions and some delays of truck traffic and dock-worker shifts” Protesters caused sporadic disruptions throughout the Port area, which led to delays, but the Port has remained operational throughout the morning. Traffic is now flowing into and out of the […]

Occupy Movement Factions Reveal Port Shutdown Plan Details

Flyers and other forms of information being distributed by members of the Occupy movement have given insight into what the loosely-knit group’s plans are for staging demonstrations at ports along the West Coast on Dec. 12…..(Read Full Article)

Port of Stockton to Launch Barge Service

The Port of Stockton is starting a barge service to move containers along the Sacramento River that are too heavy for highway transit. The project is due to launch in in February 2012…..(Read Full Article)