Transportation News for September 15, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: Transbay Transit Center – a difficult journey  VB Profiles: State Legislature Approves Toll Bill, Gives Bay Area Voters Chance to Improve Commute Options  East Bay Times: Bigger rebates for EV buyers hit a speed bump  Mercury News: Editorial: Privacy risk in self-driving cars? Senate has to fix that loophole in federal bill  Mercury News: Willow Glen road […]

Transportation News for September 14, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: SF ponders new rules for Chariot and other private transit vehicles  San Francisco Chronicle: Central Subway could start partial service in time to serve Warriors’ arena  San Francisco Chronicle: Renewable diesel use in California moves to fast track  San Francisco Chronicle: How self-driving trucks might actually mean more trucking jobs  San Francisco Chronicle: Self-driving boats: The next […]

Transportation News for September 13, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: Feds vow to clear road for self-driving car makers  Mercury News: US updates self-driving car guidelines as more hit the road  San Francisco Chronicle: Tesla, driver both to blame in fatal crash last year, NTSB finds  East Bay Times: Curious about construction projects in Concord? There’s a map for that  Mercury News: Report: Investment needed to prepare […]

Transportation News for September 12, 2017

East Bay Times: Editorial: In massive wealth transfer, $3 bridge toll hike subsidizes Silicon Valley  San Francisco Chronicle: GM, Cruise unveil self-driving car ready for mass production  Mercury News: Electric cars dominate the buzz at Frankfurt auto show  Mercury News: California, 4 other states sue Trump administration over fuel economy fines  Mercury News: Roadshow: ‘Are you going to admit HAWK […]

Transportation News for September 11, 2017

East Bay Times: Free rides for 17,000 — really, BART?  East Bay Times: Golden Gate Bridge clock to stay despite toll modifications  Mercury News: Saratoga woman’s lawsuit leaves Measure B tax money on hold, delays transportation projects  Mercury News: Opinion: Legislation can fix ‘paying more for being poor’ in traffic fines  Mercury News: Big Sur’s southern access to stay closed […]

Transportation News for September 7, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: BART can’t afford its millions of dollars in free rides, director says  San Francisco Chronicle: Muni’s drivers to get an all-new look after 4 decades in brown  East Bay Times: Opinion: Toll increases are not the “answer” we deserve  East Bay Times: Preview electric vehicles at Berkeley farmers market event  East Bay Times: After almost 20 years, […]

Transportation News for September 6, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: Taxi drivers to get payouts as plans for accumulated fund are dropped  San Francisco Chronicle: Turo lands $92 million for peer-to-peer car rental  San Francisco Chronicle: Self-driving cars now roam across former California military facilities  San Francisco Chronicle: BART proposes Small Business Program extension to hire more LGBT contractors  East Bay Times: Solano Stroll ready to go […]

Transportation News for September 5, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: Blue-tag abuse: Disabled-placard cheaters work the angles  San Francisco Chronicle: Parking after the street sweeper passes: Legal or not?  East Bay Times: Car navigation tech brings new twists and turns to driving  East Bay Times: DeSaulnier: Bridge toll plan fails East Bay commuters miserably  Mercury News: Fixes coming for roads damaged by winter storms  Mercury News: Roadshow: Longtime […]

Transportation News for September 1, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle: It’s so hot, Berkeley hills residents advised not to park on streets due to fire risk  East Bay Times: Gas prices surge higher as drivers rush to fill their tanks  Mercury News: Palo Alto bans idling of vehicle engines  Mercury News: Roadshow: Shame on Mr. Roadshow  Capitol Weekly: Big Sur: A breathtaking, costly isolation 

Transportation News for August 31, 2017

Mercury News: Roadshow: ‘It’s important that my plate starts with 8’  San Francisco Examiner: Caltrain solicits public input on bike storage options  Danville SanRamon: San Ramon Valley I-680 express lanes now expected to open October  Pleasanton Weekly: Oversight committee signs off on Measures B, BB tax spending