DMC 2011 Sponsors

Bay Planning Coalition gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the 2011 San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference Sponsors … Hosting Sponsors     Contributing Sponsors Supporting Sponsors           ILWU – Northern California     Media Sponsor   Donors   Alameda County Public Works  Anchor QEA CA, L.P. AMEC Geomatrix, Inc. Building Industry […]

2011 Decisionmakers Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

CALL FOR SPONSORS The Annual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference relies on Sponsors like you to make it a success—SIGN UP TODAY! What will it take to unleash the promise of a sustainable San Francisco Bay-Delta region for global competitiveness in trade and commerce? This year’s Conference addresses this question with the spotlight on the […]

Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement The mission of the Bay Planning Coalition (BPC) is to ensure that commerce, recreation and the natural environment thrive in the San Francisco Bay-Delta region. To this aim , the BPC endeavors to: Ensure fair, reasonable and balanced planning and permitting which minimizes delay, costs and uncertainty; Assure that regulatory agencies act within […]

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Economic Recovery, Infrastructure Funding and Air Quality

Our second workshop in our Keeping Bay Projects Moving!WORKSHOP SERIES 2010, held on Wednesday, September 15, Economic Recovery, Infrastructure Funding and Air Quality: Progress or Impasse? was another great dialogue on where we are currently in regards to infrastructure construction and air quality regulation and where we can go next. Workshop 2 Sponsors: WORKSHOP 2: […]

Sea Level Change Adaptation Strategies

Our Keeping Bay Projects Moving! WORKSHOP SERIES 2010 concluded with Workshop 3: Wednesday, November 17 – Sea Level Change Adaptation Strategies: Innovations for the Bay’s Future. It was another in-depth look at what’s been happening at the local, regional, and state levels in shoreline vulnerability assessments, risk management decision-making tools, and the BCDC Bay Plan […]

2010 BPC Workshop Series Overview

Keeping Bay Projects Moving! WORKSHOP SERIES 2010 included three half day workshops to provide a forum for constructive dialogue on Bay management topics that require conversation, collaboration and problem-solving. Workshop 1: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 – Dredging Disposal Options for Today An in-depth discussion on maximizing the use of dredged material disposal/beneficial use sites, and […]

DMC 2010 Compendium

27 Most Useful Links to Policy Papers and Studies of  Sea Level Rise and Climate Change provided by government and private sector decision makers in the San Francisco Bay Area These resources were assembled during the 23rd Annual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference that took place on April 14, 2010. They were provided to all […]

DMC 2010 Post Conference Resource Guide

DMC 2010 Post Conference Resources Many of the speakers have generously allowed us to share their presentations with you. Clicking on each speakers’ name will link to a pdf of their conference presentation. Listen to portions of the conference below and/or download the audio (mp3) files. Don’t forget to have a look at the conference […]

DMC 2010 Wrap-Up

23rd Annual Decisionmakers Conference Wrap-Up We’re happy to report the 23rd Annual San Francisco Bay Decisionmakers Conference was a success with hundreds of leaders from the Bay Area in attendance. KQED’s Craig Miller wrote an excellent summary of the conference which was posted on their Climate Watch blog. The Decisionmakers Conference Resource Guide is now […]