Science Documents for Bay-Delta Restoration Released for Public Review, Comment

Efforts will Restore Delta Ecosystem, Create Water Supply Reliability for 25 Million Californians SACRAMENTO – The California Natural Resources Agency today publicly released preliminary administrative drafts of all its Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) planning documents. BDCP is guided by the 2009 Delta Reform Act, which made it state policy to manage the Delta in […]

San Francisco Bay Subtidal Habitat Goals Report

San Francisco Bay Subtidal Habitat Goals Report Recently released new San Francisco Bay Subtidal Habitat Goals report led by California Coastal Conservancy/Ocean Protection Council, BCDC, NOAA Fisheries and Restoration Center, and San Francisco Estuary Partnership.  The report deals with 50-year planning horizon; six Subtidal habitat types; targeted restoration areas; public awareness and involvement with Subtidal […]

Regulatory Reach of BCDC's Bay Plan

Regulatory Reach of BCDC’s Bay Plan Summary: The Bay Plan is not confined to “advisory” status regarding projects and activates outside BCDC’s formal jurisdiction. To the contrary, the Bay Plan has the force of binding federal law under the Coastal Zone Management Act with respect to any project or activity involving a federal permit or […]

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise BCDC Proposed Bay Plan Amendment BCDC has developed draft findings and policies on climate change and a background report on climate change and the potential impacts of a rise in sea level on the Bay Area region. The background report, Living With A Rising Bay: Vulnerability And Adaptation In […]

Proposed Coastal Marina Permit

PROPOSED COASTAL MARINA PERMIT RBOC Updated Overview for Yacht Clubs October 23, 2009 The California State Water Resources Control Board [SWRCB] is moving forward with a proposed requirement that marinas and clubs with 10 or more slips and moorings obtain a state permit [Coastal Permit] and comply with a number of requirements. The use of […]

Final Green Sturgeon Critical Habitat Designation

Regulatory Alerts Final Green Sturgeon Critical Habitat Designation The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s Green Sturgeon Final Critical Habitat (CH) designation rule was published on Oct. 9, 2009. Click here for a copy of the report. Other Final Rule documents include the Economic and Biological Reports which are available on the NMFS Southwest Region […]

AAAS Presentation – Sea Level Rise in SF Bay

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 90th Annual Meeting Noah Knowles with the USGS, recently gave a presentation on ‘Sea Level Rise and Projected Inflow Changes in San Francisco Bay’ at the AAAS Seminar (Understanding the Estuary) at San Francisco State University, on August 17, 2009. Knowles Presentation