Measure AA passed. Now what?

On June 7, Measure AA, a ballot initiative first endorsed by Bay Planning Coalition in May 2014, passed with 69.08% of the vote. It was on the ballot in the nine Bay Area counties where it creates a $12 per parcel tax that will raise $500 million over the next 20 years that will be […]

Where’s Betty?

If you have called the BPC office in the last couple of weeks, you have probably noticed that you have not been greeted by the same, gentle and soothing voice of our Senior Administrative Assistant, Betty Kwan, that you are accustomed to hearing. Not to worry though, Betty has been in a field class, as […]

SB 163 is Bad for Business

Legislation authored by state Senator Robert Hertzberg, Senate Bill 163 (SB 163), is worthy in its intent to increase the production and use of recycled water in California. Unfortunately, the bill is a flawed concept and bad for business. SB 163 would require wastewater treatment facilities that discharge treated wastewater to the ocean to instead […]

Global Clean Energy Leaders Meet in SF

The 7th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) met in San Francisco for a two-day conference where high-level delegates from all over the world discussed the advancement of clean energy policy and technology. Tom Steyer, a billionaire that is dedicated to promoting the transition to a clean energy economy, was in attendance and said that the Bay […]

Measure AA to Save the Bay from Sea Level Rise

Still not convinced that the sea is rising? Well check out the article, Rising Reality, by the acclaimed San Francisco Chronicle Urban Design Critic, John King. This special report takes a very real, and very fair, look at the issue of sea level rise in the Bay Area. It is easy to read with great […]

Self-driving freight trucks on the move to a highway near you!

We have all heard about Google’s push for self-driving cars; however, earlier this week news came about a new Bay Area start-up working to develop self-driving freight trucks. Yes, you heard right – a giant truck rolling down the highway with tons of cargo and no human driver at the wheel. The group, Otto, was started […]

Are these sinkholes a sign?

On Tuesday evening, a sinkhole opened up right in downtown San Francisco and nearly swallowed a vehicle. No one was hurt, but maybe this sinkhole, and the even larger sinkhole that formed last month in the Pacific Heights area, are signs that we as Californians need to start seriously considering our aging infrastructure in relation to our record-breaking drought. Though these sinkholes […]

New projections intensify the Bay Area’s sea level rise risk and timeline

Sea level rise is a hot topic in the San Francisco Bay Area these days, with more organizations and cities, including San Francisco, making efforts to coordinate a response to the rising tides that are inevitably coming to the Bay Area over the coming decades. The problem is that many of us in the SF […]

Striped Bass in the San Francisco Bay

The time has come for the 1992 law intended to boost California’s striped bass population to be scaled back.  The striped bass is a non-native fish species introduced into our region’s ecosystem in the late 19th Century primarily for the purpose of sports fishing.  The unintended consequence of promoting the population of this species is the […]

San Francisco’s Plan for Sea Level Rise

San Francisco has come up with an impressive plan to keep its feet dry this century. With so much talk of rising tides, the City has formulated a 100-page Sea Level Rise Action Plan backed by Mayor Ed Lee. This thorough document lays out the adaptation framework for exactly how the City and County of […]