Striped Bass in the San Francisco Bay

The time has come for the 1992 law intended to boost California’s striped bass population to be scaled back.  The striped bass is a non-native fish species introduced into our region’s ecosystem in the late 19th Century primarily for the purpose of sports fishing.  The unintended consequence of promoting the population of this species is the […]

San Francisco’s Plan for Sea Level Rise

San Francisco has come up with an impressive plan to keep its feet dry this century. With so much talk of rising tides, the City has formulated a 100-page Sea Level Rise Action Plan backed by Mayor Ed Lee. This thorough document lays out the adaptation framework for exactly how the City and County of […]

Micro plastics Polluting the SF Bay?

Micro plastics is a trending topic in the bay area environmental community, spurred by a recent study from the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) by Dr. Rebecca Sutton that found our bay contains greater micro-plastic contamination than any large inland US body of water. Micro plastics can be defined as pieces of plastic, less than […]

BART Moves South this Summer!

The Warm Springs BART Station is set to open this summer after being delayed since December. This is a big step for Bay Area transit infrastructure. With the tech industry booming in South Bay, it only makes sense to connect it to the rapidly-growing cities of Oakland and San Francisco through the State’s most efficient […]