2015 Work Plan


Bay Planning Coalition


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2015 Work Plan

The 2015 Work Plan reflects the discussion, actions, and refinement from efforts implemented in 2014 and the discussion from the 2013 Strategic Planning Retreat, which took place on September 30, 31-October 1, 2013.  The 2015 Work Plan addresses four Strategic Priorities that reflect the goals and objectives of the Bay Planning Coalition.  Many of these goals and objectives were developed initially at the Strategic Planning Retreat in September 2011 and later addressed during the 2013 Strategic Planning Retreat.   This 2015 Work Plan is the key tool to identify priorities and outcomes and to provide accountability that Bay Planning Coalition activities are tied to the Board’s policy goals. These critical areas fall into four categories:

  1. Policy Implementation and Advocacy
  2. Education and Outreach
  3. Continued Development and Growth of BPC as an Organization
  4. Board Engagement

The Work Program is a living document that will be routinely updated to reflect changes in legislation, regulations, rulemaking, court decisions, and economic trends.  The 2015 Work Plan will be reviewed and adjusted as appropriate during the year to meet the demands and needs of our membership.

Included in the Work Plan are issues and activities and outcomes. Additional items likely are to be considered and advanced throughout the year; included here are areas considered at this time to be of likely high impact and emphasis.

Follow the link below to view the 2015 Work Plan (as submitted to the Board of Directors on December 12, 2014).

2015 Bay Planning Coalition Work Plan