PMM Online News – Friday, April 6, 2018

Meaningful Tax Reform
By Chris Philips,
Managing Editor  
According to the Washington Public Ports Association, as many as half of US-bound containers coming into Canada’s West Coast ports could revert to using US West Coast ports if importers were not required to pay the harbor maintenance tax. Currently, the amount of collected tax meets all obligations, and this year, the surplus is set to grow to more than nine billion dollars. The majority will be spent on dredging for East Coast, Gulf and other ports. Meanwhile, the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, united under the Northwest Seaport Alliance, require little to no dredging, and only see a penny on each dollar collected from the shippers who utilize these ports…. 

Friday, April 6, 2018
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Story1Long Beach Reaches for Zero Emissions
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Port of Long Beach, Southern California Edison and the California Energy Commission officials on Wednesday kicked off the country’s biggest port pilot program for zero-emissions cranes and other cargo-handling equipment at Pacific Container Terminal at Pier J…(Read full article)
Story2Oakland’s Night Gates Pay Off
By Karen Robes Meeks
Thanks to the introduction of a new strategy, the Port of Oakland is seeing more truck visits at night now than at any other time in its nearly 100-year history…(Read full article)
Story3Coast Guard Suspends Alaska Search
By Karen Robes Meeks

On Sunday night, the US Coast Guard called off its more than 35-hour search for a man who reportedly did not return from tending crab pots near Whittier, Alaska… 
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Story4LA Harbor Commission Head Steps Down
By Karen Robes Meeks

Ambassador Vilma Martinez will step down as president of the Los Angeles Harbor Commission, it was announced Thursday… 
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Story5Puget Sound Maritime Achievement Award
The 2018 Puget Sound Maritime Achievement Award Selection Committee is accepting nominations for this year’s award. The recipients will be announced at the Seattle Propeller Club’s Maritime Festival breakfast to be held at the Seattle Waterfront Marriott on May 18… (Read full article)

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