BPC Workshop: Getting Shoreline Restoration & Resiliency Projects Constructed in San Francisco Bay

Getting Shoreline Restoration & Resiliency Projects Constructed in San Francisco Bay

9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Tuesday, April 17
Port of San Francisco


wetlandsThe recent passage of Measure AA has opened up a significant funding stream that promises to jumpstart implementation of a wide array of regional shoreline restoration and resiliency projects around the Bay. Over the next twenty years as much as $500 million will be generated for such projects through the Measure, helping bridge the gap in what will ultimately be required to adequately restore wetlands and enhance other shoreline habitats around the Bay – and do so in way that effectively adapts to climate change and sea level rise over the coming decades. With this incredible opportunity, however, comes significant challenges including how best to expedite the permitting process so that project construction can happen sooner, how best to mitigate for the inevitable impacts that accompany any project along or in the water, and where other funding sources can be found to leverage those Measure AA dollars.

Join us for presentations by and spirited discussion with an array of distinguished and highly-qualified speakers to help set the stage for the coming era of SF Bay shoreline transformation.

Speakers include:

  • Brad McCrea, Regulatory Program Director, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission;
  • Jeff McCreary, Director of Conservation Programs, Ducks Unlimited;
  • Matt Gerhart, San Francisco Bay Area Regional Manager, California State Coastal Conservancy;
  • Katerina Galacatos, PhD, Acting Division Chief, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District;
  • And more.

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