BPC Calls for Further Dialogue at BCDC Enforcement Meeting Regarding Westpoint Harbor

BPC staff attended the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) Enforcement Committee meeting on November 16 regarding a public hearing and possile vote on the Executive Director’s Recommended Enforcement Decision against Mark Sanders and Westpoint Harbor LLC, of which he serves as president. The decision includes cease and desist and civil penalty orders. Over a dozen indivudals and groups gave public comments at the meeting. Recognizing the importance of marinas and boatyards for their economic and recreational value to the San Francisco Bay region, BPC provided a comment calling for both parties to pursue further dialogue, which BPC is willing to facilitate, in order to resolve the violations in question. Ultimately the Enforcement Committee adopted the proposed recommended enforcement decision with modifications. The recommended decision is scheduled to go before the full commission on January 18.
Click here for a summary of the meeting and more information on the recommended enforcement decision.