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Port & Cemex Aggregates Reach
New 10-Year Deal
Cemex Aggregates (Cemex Construction Materials Pacific, LLC), described by Port of Redwood City Executive Director Michael J. Giari as “a responsible tenant and a productive partner with the Port in the growth of maritime shipping,” is on board for at least another 10 years.
The Port Commission approved a new 10-year-lease with an option to extend the lease for another decade. The lease is for an 8.2 acres marine terminal on Hinman Road.
Cemex Aggregates imports high-quality building materials from Canada, including sand and aggregates, used in Silicon Valley and Redwood City construction projects.  Over the past three years Cemex has imported nearly four million metric tons of building materials. Cemex also has the capability to use Port docks for cement import through ship unloaders.
“The high quality of the sand and gravel aggregates from British Columbia combined with the dwindling supply of these materials in Northern California because quarries are unable to expand have triggered and sustained a strong demand that the Port benefitted from,” said Giari.
The constructions aggregates arrive at the Port on ships that contain self-unloading features, operated by Canadian Steamship Lines. Eagle Rock Aggregates is the supplier to Cemex of these construction aggregates. Eagle Rock operates the Orca Quarry, located on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, BC, which is a very first-rate sand and gravel resource with significant long-term capacities.
The import of these materials by Cemex drives down the costs for construction projects in Redwood City and Silicon Valley.
In Redwood City alone, more than 1,600 new housing units are under construction or have recently been completed.  About 1,300 more have been approved or are well through the approval process.  The commercial development in Redwood City is exploding as well, with 1,158,000 square-feet of commercial space under construction or recently completed. In addition, a new 177-room hotel is under construction between Highway 101 and the Port of Redwood City.
One of the terms of the new lease is for Cemex Aggregates to relocate a new and/or upgraded hopper and enclosed conveyor system to the Port’s new Wharves 1 & 2 by June 30, 2018.
“Much of the modern global economy depends on sand,” according to a recent article in Economist Magazine. “Most of it pours into the construction industry, where it is used to make concrete and asphalt….no wonder, then, that sand and gravel are the most extracted materials in the world.”

Youth Programs Flourish During the Summer at Port of Redwood City 
What better time for youth to learn sailing and other on-water boating skills than at the Port of Redwood City during the summer.
There are three outstanding programs at the Port.
Peninsula Youth Sailing Foundation (PYSF) provides instruction, coaching, practice, and racing opportunities for youth. Year-round sailing programs provide opportunities for kids to learn to sail and develop sailing skills using Optimists

PYSF sailing
PYSF sailing

Flying Juniors, 420s, and Lasers. Sailors are trained to compete in local regattas in preparation for events along the West Coast. Clinics are offered for experienced members and summer camps are a fun way for young beginners to learn to sail, and race, in small boats.  Learn more at : https://sites.google.com/pysf.us/home/

The Sequoia Yacht Club Jr. El Toro program has been around for more than 30 years, run by dedicated volunteer members of the Sequoia Yacht Club. The lessons take place inside the Port of Redwood City at the recreational end, where the yachts and clubs are and where the water is protected and calm. This area of the port is roughly 15 acres in size, and is well insulated from the conditions of the San Francisco bay, which is over a mile to the east. Learn more at:  https://www.sequoiayc.org/jr_sailing
Spinnaker Sailing offers numerous youth and adult sailing opportunities:
  • Internationally Recognized A.S.A. Certification
  • San Francisco Bay Sailboat Charters
  • Spinnaker Sailing
    Spinnaker Sailing

    Sailing Club Memberships

  • Club Activities
  • Worldwide Sailing Vacations
  • Local Yacht Racing
  • Youth Sailing Summer Camps
  • Team Building Programs
  • Skippered Charters
  • and more…
Avid 4 Adventure, Inc. is conducting youth kayak and paddleboard classes togroups of up to 13 children between the ages of 5 and 12 years

Mondays through Fridays from 9:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  http://www.avid4.com
California Canoe & Kayak (CC&K) will be opening its operations at the Port of Redwood City in  August. They will operate a retail store for the sale of kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and related water recreation equipment and offer kayak rentals and lessons. The company anticipates putting close to 100,000 people a year on the water. For more about the company, see https://calkayak.com
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