Bay Nature Summer Issue Preview: Dragonflies, Charmstones of Tolay Lake, #TooMuchLove for Parks?

Bay Nature Magazine Spring Issue
Meet the Dragonflies!
Photo: Rick Lewis
Signs of the Season: Most of the things flying over your head aren’t birds. Meet some of the large and dazzling insects that propel themselves around the world and stop in Northern California.  

Bay Nature’s July-September 2017 issue also features:
Too Much Love?
Are some of our local parks too crowded? It depends on your perspective. 

The Charms of Tolay Lake
The fascinating story of Sonoma County’s Tolay Lake and its role in spiritual healing for California Indians.

The Last Frontier of Birding
Writer Alison Hawkes takes off on an ocean voyage to learn about some of the least understood and most threatened birds in the world.

Growing Latino Outdoors
Latino Outdoors founder José González and a growing number of volunteers aim to become the next Sierra Club.

Little Big Plant
The rediscovery of the “ivory-billed woodpecker of botany” near Antioch is a rare symbol of success in an era of extinction. 

Ask the Naturalist:  Can you take the temperature by cricket?

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