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The latest on Flood Control 2.0 …  

Since 2012, an interdisciplinary team of SFBJV partners have been visioning a better future for flood control around the SF Bay shoreline.   The approach combines sediment redistribution with channel redesign and results in cost-savings with multiple environmental benefits.  The project is featured on our
website this month, was recently written about in the Estuary Blueprint news and has its own website, with a suite of tools, housed at SFEI.  

We are also featuring several
podcasts about the project on both websites, including an overview of historical ecology and the role sediment plays in the ecosystem, information on the tools that were developed for project managers and details on each of the three implementation projects where this concept has already been applied.  We encourage you to download them and listen as you drive around the Bay, perhaps near one of the projects.

Also during this time,
SediMatch, an effort to bring together the sediment supply and wetland habitat restoration communities, has been working to make sure entrapped sediment gets used at restoration project sites.  The SediMatch online database and web interface tool is also available for anyone needing to find sediment for beneficial re-use in restoration projects.  
(NOTE:  SFEI is migrating data this week and the SediMatch tool will be available again for users on April 14)     


Grateful for Caitlin Sweeney,
Director, SF Estuary Partnership 

Caitlin Sweeney has been keeping her seat warm on the SFBJV Management Board for well over a decade, representing two important partner organizations – currently in her role as Director of the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, and previously while working as Chief Deputy Director for the Bay Conservation and Development Commission
Thanks to her leadership on the revision of the CCMP, or Estuary Blueprint, we now have a comprehensive, collective vision for sustaining the Estuary with four long term goals and 32 actions to be taken over the next 5 years, several of which the SFBJV has been identified as playing a key, or “ownership” role in. 

Maybe it was growing up in the Bay Area, or falling in love with science at an early age that helped cultivate Caitlin’s appreciation for using science to inform decision making?  Whatever it was, we are grateful to have her on board to help guide our Joint Venture as we continue to grow and evolve in our Joint Venture partnership.  You can learn more about her early influences and life outside of work

       Grants with Deadlines   

By April 15 
This fund supports projects designed to benefit the water quality of many of California’s watersheds and their ecosystems. 

By April 21 
Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)
Through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, NRCS co-invests with partners in innovative, workable and cost-effective approaches to benefit   farming, ranching and forest operations; local economies; and the communities and resources in a watershed or other geographic area.

By April 24

Agricultural Conservation Easement Program
This program provides financial and technical assistance to help conserve agricultural lands and wetlands and their related benefits.

By April 28

Explore the Coast
The purpose of this grant program is to support activities that allow more people to explore California’s spectacular coast, improve the visitor experience or help the public learn about its natural, recreational, cultural and historic resources.  

By April 30
Patagonia supports small, grassroots, activist organizations with provocative direct-action agendas, working on multi-pronged campaigns to preserve and protect our environment.
By May 1
Fund for Wild Nature
The Fund for Wild Nature (Fund) provides small grants for North American campaigns to save native species and wild ecosystems, with particular emphasis on actions designed to defend threatened wilderness and biological diversity

By May 1

Urban Greening Grant
This grant is part of the California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment particularly in disadvantaged communities.

By May 2

Every Day Capacity Building Grants
These grants provide Friends Groups with grant funds of up to $5,000 to help  build their capacity to serve public lands.

By May 10

San Francisco Bay Area Water Quality Improvement Fund 2017
The EPA SFBWQIF FY 2017 RFP opened on March 29.  The RFP is soliciting proposals that will improve water quality and restore wetlands in San Francisco Bay and its watersheds. 

By May 15
WPDG grants assist state, tribal, local government agencies and interstate/intertribal entities in building state/tribal/local programs which    protect, manage, and restore wetlands.
By May 31
Prop 1 Funding
Conservancy Proposition 1 grants fund multi-benefit ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects. Priority project types include: water sustainability improvement, anadromous fish habitat enhancement, wetland restoration and urban greening

June 30
These grants need to  go through a state agency and are best set up with the
help of SFBJV Coordinator,
Beth Huning.   
Ongoing Grants
More grants with deadlines later in the year, as well as others that have no deadlines or   are ongoing can be found on our funding page.   
JOBS with deadlinesthese change frequently, to stay current check our jobs page   
April 21       Project Manager
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy  

May 1          
Seasonal Biologist, Spartina Treatment Monitor
Olofson Environmental, Inc

May 1          
Editorial and design/layout services
Central Valley Joint Venture

May 2         
Director of Regional Parks
San Bernardino County 

JOBS with no deadlines

    Save SF Bay 
     Friends of Sausal Creek   
     Rainwater Basin and Prairie Pothole Joint Ventures 
      Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Bay Camp Director
      Point Blue Conservation Science
Youth Program Lead Instructor
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