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All Stick,
No Carrot

By Chris Philips, Managing Editor

The 16th annual California Maritime Leadership Symposium took place last month in Sacramento, California. Past CMLS conferences have been operations-related, well organized and well attended. Past programs offered a good cross-section of panels addressing the concerns and issues faced by the California maritime industrial community. The theme of this year’s conference was emissions, which attracted a particularly large group of non-operations ‘stakeholders’from the environmental community….


Friday, March 3, 2017

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Story1ICTSI, Port of Portland Terminating 25-Year Lease

By Mark Edward Nero

Port management company ICTSI Oregon and the Port of Portland said Feb. 27 that they’ve mutually agreed to terminate a 25-year lease that the two sides entered into just seven years ago…(Read full article)

Story2Harley Welcomes 1st Tier 4 Tractor Tug

By Mark Edward Nero

Harley Marine Services said Feb. 28 that it has accepted delivery of its newest tractor tug, Earl W Redd, which will enter service along the US West Coast…(Read full article)

Story3Annual Trade at Port of Vancouver Dips Slightly

By Mark Edward Nero

Overall volume at the Port of Vancouver, British Columbia, dipped slightly to 136 million tons of cargo in 2016, down 1.8 percent from 2015, per newly released data… (Read full article)

Story4POLB Awarded Zero Emissions Equipment Grant

By Mark Edward Nero

The Port of Long Beach revealed March 2 that it’s poised to receive a major grant to fund one of the largest demonstration projects for zero-emissions cargo-handling equipment in the United States… (Read full article)

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