CVRWQCB: 9 March 2017 Draft SNMP Hearing Resolution Now Posted on Central Valley Water Board Website

State Water Resources Control Board This is a message from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley (5).

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Central Valley Water Board) will hold a public hearing on 9 March 2017 to accept comments regarding a Central Valley-wide Salt and Nitrate Management Plan (SNMP), which was developed through the stakeholder-led CV-SALTS initiative.  The SNMP is intended to provide a framework for the Central Valley Water Board’s regulation of salt and nitrates throughout the entire Central Valley.

At the hearing, the Board will also consider a resolution accepting the SNMP and directing Board Staff to initiate basin planning actions to develop and incorporate amendments, as appropriate, to the Basin Plans that would allow for the implementation of the strategies, policies, guidance and revisions to existing policies recommended by the SNMP.  The Notice of Public Hearing, previously posted, advised that additional materials would be posted to the Central Valley Water Board’s website.   A copy of the draft resolution to be considered by the Board has now been uploaded to the website and can be found at the following link:

The Notice of Public Hearing and all currently available documents for this workshop can also be found on the Board’s website at the following link:

As additional materials become available the Board’s website will be updated.  Please feel free to distribute this information to others who may have an interest.  For any questions or additional information contact Glenn Meeks.

Glenn Meeks

Central Valley Water Board

(916) 464-4701