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By Chris Philips, Managing Editor

When George W. Bush prepared to move to the White House for his first term as US President, the place was a mess. The Government Accounting Office reported that Executive Office staff, some of whom had been there 30 years, used words such as “extremely filthy” or “trashed out” to describe the conditions they had observed, and that office space contained a “malodorous stench” or looked liked there had been a party.

The mess was described as “pranks” by the previous occupants, who left vulgar graffiti derogatory to the incoming administration, voice mail announcements that had been changed to answer…

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


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Story1Seaport Alliance: Annual Container Volumes Reach a 9-Year High

By Mark Edward Nero

In 2016, the Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma handled a combined 3.61 million TEUs for the year, an increase of more than two percent from 2015 volumes. The maritime operations of the two ports are collectively known as the Northwest Seaport Alliance… (Read full article)

Story2Harley Marine Announces Names
of Under-Construction Tug-and-Barge Units

By Mark Edward Nero

On Jan. 20, Seattle-based Harley Marine Services announced the naming of its two new articulated tug and barge (ATB) units now under construction at Gunderson Marine and Conrad Shipyard…(Read full article)

Story3Historic Battleship Plugs in at Port of LA

By Mark Edward Nero

The battleship USS Iowa, which now sits as a floating museum at the Port of Los Angeles, on Jan. 23 unveiled a new and permanent educational exhibit coinciding with the vessel becoming the latest vessel to plug into clean, electric shore-side power at the port… (Read full article)

Story4Oakland Port: Trade Transformed by Local Growers

By Mark Edward Nero

Agricultural export tonnage has grown a stunning 233 percent at the Port of Oakland in the last five years, resulting in a transformation of the port’s trade profile into a leading gateway to Asia – especially for California growers… (Read full article)

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