California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference – Save the Date: Washington Week, March 6th

Monday March 6, 2017 to Thursday, March 9, 2017.

A) Welcome Reception on Monday evening.

B) Meetings all day on Tuesday.

C) Golden State Reception on Tuesday.

D) Meetings all day on Wednesday.

E) Depart Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Hotel and registration details coming.

CMANC’s Washington Meeting

    Our Annual Meeting to educate Congress and The Administration on the value of the system of ports and harbors in California to the Nation and to advocate for full funding in Federal Fiscal Year 2018.

      This is the year to go to Washington.  There are and will be numerous changes in Members of Congress, their personal and committee staff, as well as through out the Administration, both those nominated or appointed by the President and in the civil service.

I regularly get the question of why should someone attend Washington Week.  Following are some answers from some of our Attendees.  I hope that if you have not attended in the past, you consider it this year.

Each year we as CMANC members travel to Washington DC. to convey to our Legislators, ACOE, and NOAA, the important message of maintaining a healthy system of ports and harbors here in California.  As Mayor of Morro Bay I find this to be productive and valuable for our City and I would encourage and recommend other member port and harbor elected officials to participate.  Their participation only strengthens the CMANC mission.  Mayor Jamie L. Irons, City of Morro Bay

The reason I recommend folks attend is due to the comradery that is developed as a result of traveling around DC in a group pleading our case. I have developed many relationships as a result of the interactions we have while traveling together in this group.  Mr. Richard M. Rhoads, P.E., Vice President Operations Manager, Moffat & Nichol

One of the great things about CMANC is that it stresses the system of ports we have in California, and how we all work together to promote commerce and recreation. Just one example of that is seen in our Washington DC week: the big ports go to bat for the smaller ports for dredging money as we know we all need each other.  Mr. Stephen Scheiblauer, Harbor Master, City of Monterey

For me, it’s pretty simple.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  There are SO MANY distractions among Washington decision makers right now.  It’s important that these issues stay on the front burner…”in their face” so to speak.  Mr. Michael Christensen, Senior Executive Lead, Supply Chain Optimization, Port of Long Beach