Approaching Deadline for Draft Water Quality Criteria Reports for Herbicides

State Water Resources Control Board This is a message from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley (5).

UC Davis Water Quality Criteria for the Herbicides Oxyfluorfen, Prometryn, Simazine, and Trifluralin

This is a reminder that comments on the draft water quality criteria reports for the herbicides oxyfluorfen, prometryn, simazine, and trifluralin are due in 1 month.

As discussed in the information sheet, the Central Valley Water Board has contracted with UC-Davis to develop pesticide water quality criteria.  The draft water quality criteria reports are available for review for the herbicides oxyfluorfen, prometryn, simazine, and trifluralin.

The documents are available on the project webpage:

Comments on the draft water quality criteria reports

Technical comments on the draft herbicide water quality criteria reports are due 16 September 2016. 

Please send comments to Tessa Fojut at