PG&E Energy Advisor: Wash Wisely Contra Costa County. Water Conservation Tips Inside.

PG&E Energy Advisor
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Drought support series
Wash wisely
We’re taking water-saving efforts to the bathroom and laundry room. Check out these simple ways you and your family can start conserving.
Clean your clothes for less!
Save water and help fight the drought with an energy-efficient clothes washer. Upgrade to a 2015 high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient washer and be eligible for up to a $150 rebate.
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Are you a home energy genius?
Test your home energy IQ and find out if you’re the brightest bulb.
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Get to school safely
You can’t always be with your kids. But you can help them get to and from school safely with these tips.
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Wash full loads in your clothes washer.
You’ll save energy and water.
Check your HVAC system filter.
A dirty filter makes the system work harder and use more energy.
Close the blinds and drapes during the day.
That blocks the sun’s heat from your home.
Want more tips? Get them here.
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